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Michelle Lomelin, founder of Sweet Petite Confections and a long-time resident of San Diego, may be the only chocolatier in San Diego who brings a background in fashion design to the world of gourmet chocolate making.

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and entering the fashion industry and for almost two decades, her need for a change drew Lomelin away from the style scene. Aided by the encouragement of her mother, Nancy, who had initially introduced her to chocolates – she pursued a new career as a chocolatier.

Today, Lomelin is perhaps the only chocolatier around who designs chocolates as one might design a clothing line. She chooses colors, prints, packaging and flavor profiles for each season and holiday, and uses traditional fashion design processes including a merchandising calendar, a marketing calendar and inspiration boards.

These chocolates are almost too beautiful to eat! (We said almost!)


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