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Ambrogio15 Little Italy

A True Milano Pizza Experience

Ambrogio15 Little Italy

An authentic but unique Milano gourmet pizza, Ambrogio15 was born in both Milano and San Diego. The idea was built in the minds and the hearts of three young Italian guys who decided to leave the corporate world to begin a new adventure of passion, friendship, and a bit of foolishness.

  • Special dough recipe
  • Innovative pizza-making process
  • High-quality Italian ingredients
  • Holistic approach to the food and beverage world
  • Focus on sustainable agriculture and farming
  • Deep love for Milano, where owners Andrea, Giacomo, and Luca grew up, and for San Diego, where they studied, worked and became who they are now.

These are some of the concepts that make up the Ambrogio15 project!

"Naturally, great pizza begins with great dough, and we make ours with 100% stone ground wheat flour."

A Look into Ambrogio15 Little Italy

"Ambrogio15 Little Italy is an express version or our flagship store in Pacific Beach. A smaller menu does NOT mean we’re compromising the quality, freshness, or taste of our food. As always, every Ambrogio15 dish is hinged on authenticity, and we’ll continue to include Italian DOP certified ingredients throughout our menu.  We’re serving seven styles of our most loved paper-thin crust pies at the Little Italy Food Hall."

The Secret Behind the Perfection

"Our main area of expertise is preparing pizza the Milano way.

Ambrogio15 Little Italy thin crust pizza

Our secret? Our patented dough recipe begins with imported organic flour and involves a 48-hour rising process, making it lighter and more easily digestible than other pizza varieties. Each Milan-Style Pizza can be ordered with a custom crust made from either white, whole wheat, or gluten free flour."

Ambrogio15 little italy thin crust pizza

The History Behind Ambrogio15

"It was 2014, on a rainy day in Milano, when Luca called Giacomo and Andrea, at the office where the three of them worked as strategic consultants for prestigious firms, and proposed the crazy idea: 'What if we moved back to San Diego and opened a Pizzeria? But not just any Pizzeria; let’s do something different — let’s show San Diegans, and everyone else, what a pizza-dining experience can be.'"

The three entrepreneurs spent more than a year developing their main product — a special paper-thin-crust pizza — along with its variations: the thicker whole-wheat pizza, the soft Nuvola (Cloud) Focaccia, and the crunchy-crust Scrocchiarella. Conducting taste tests all over Italy, they created a new and original recipe that combined the best of every single pizza.

"We perfected our recipes after hundreds of trials, selecting ingredients from the top small-scale, organic, and sustainable producers and farmers in Italy. Mozzarella from the Consorzio della Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, aged Parma Prosciutto, DOP (controlled destination of origin) cheeses and cold cuts, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar from Modena, biodynamic wines, and craft beers."

Ambrogio15 Little Italy team

At the same time, they began to work with renowned Italian architects to create an atmosphere in the pizzeria that resembled their hometown of Milano — the capital of design and fashion — bringing the city’s hip style and vibe to San Diego. It was a new concept, completely different from the traditional Italian restaurants.

A modern and cozy atmosphere together with high-quality pizzas, other delicious food, and a fun service. Enriched by the stories behind each product, Ambrogio15 has become an absolute must for anyone who wants to enjoy a truly unique Italian Pizza dining experience.

Ambrogio15 little italy ourdoor patio

All Time Favorites

Burrata & Prosciutto Crudo Pizza, Salamino Piccante, Hannibal Lecter, Caprese Salad, Insalata della Casa, Prosciutto Panini

Ambrogio15 little italy thin crust pizza

Did You Know?

Ambrogio15 won “Best Pizza In San Diego 2020” and Best Bite in 2018 by San Diego Union Tribune. Seriously, if you haven't tried this pizza, you are missing out! Read more here 

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