Station Spotlight: Mein St. Asian Kitchen

Mein St. Asian Kitchen

Little Italy's Asian Cuisine

A Look Into Mein St. Asian Kitchen

Created by the brothers behind Zen Modern Asian Bistro in Carmel Mountain, this concept offers a variety of Asian cuisine comfort foods with highlights including house made dumplings, succulent wings, and build-your-own poke bowls.

"Our goal was to introduce more Asian cuisine to Little Italy."

The Inspiration Behind Mein St.

"Our goal was to introduce more Asian cuisine to Little Italy.  There are many mutual ingredients and dishes that transcend these cultures (think pasta/noodles or ravioli/dumplings!) and we wanted to do something different from Zen but still maintain an identity deeply rooted in Asian cuisine. Mein St. is inspired by many of the dishes we enjoyed eating growing up, with a twist."


About the Owners: Ethan & Jonathan Yang

"My brother and I both grew up working at the family restaurant. Our grandfather immigrated to San Diego and opened a Chinese restaurant with relatives in the 80’s. In the 90’s, my father continued the path and opened his first restaurant.

salt and pepper chicken wings

I went to college and worked a corporate job while my brother went to work in Food & Beverage for various companies and restaurant groups. After a few years of working the corporate space, we decided to continue the family path and opened our own restaurant, Zen Modern Asian, and shortly after, Mein St. Asian Kitchen in the Little Italy Food Hall."

Mein St.'s Personal Favorite

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup: Savory slow-braised beef with noodles, baby spinach, green onions

"Not only is this a staple dish, there is so much tradition that goes into preparing it. Our broth is the same recipe and technique that was passed down to our father from his father and so on. It has followed so many generations, and this is us paying homage to how far from home it has come."

Taiwanese Beef Ramen Mein St. Asian Kitchen

Spotlight Menu Item

Handcrafted Dumplings: Pork Potstickers, Cream Cheese Wontons, Xiao Long Bao, Craft Wonton Ramen

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Mein St. Asian Kitchen team

"Our staff carefully hand-folds each dumpling daily, using the methods our grandma taught us growing up. We make them in small batches to ensure the proper care and detail goes into each one. Try them pan-fried, steamed, or in our Noodle Soup!

Mein St. Asian Kitchen


Mein St. Asian Kitchen

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Mein St. Asian Kitchen


Mein St. Asian Kitchen

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Secrets from the Chef

"The key to good stir-fry is heat and fresh ingredients. Commercial woks reach such high temperatures that it brings out all the aromas from the ingredients to give that unique restaurant quality taste."


With craft poke bowls, handmade dumplings, bento boxes, and ramen, Mein St. offers a wide variety that highlights the art (and tastiness!) of Asian cuisine. Enjoy it on the Little Italy Food Hall patio or the expansive Piazza della Famiglia. Or order pickup to enjoy it at home all to yourself!

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