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Bobboi Gelato San Diego

All About Bobboi Natural Gelato

Bobboi Gelato San Diego

Known for both its traditional and untraditional gelato flavors, Bobboi gelato is inspired by California, yet rooted in the timeless gelato techniques of Italy. Its flavors are made from local, seasonal ingredients and the menu rotates constantly to reflect what is available and in season.

"Bobboi is a singular expression of Italy’s most beloved and well-known frozen treat."

Bobboi Means…

Bobboi is a sweet treat in the Sardinian dialect. It can also be used for joy and beauty. Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its pristine nature and the longevity of its people.

The Secret Behind the Perfection

One of the shop’s signatures is the style of gelato case that the gelato is stored in. To maintain the exact temperature and freshness, Bobboi uses a case that hides the gelato away rather than showcases it as most shops do, resulting in the perfect texture every time (and why they are the BEST gelato in San Diego!)

Bobboi Natural Gelato

From Classic to Creative

Artisanal versions of expected classic flavors are available, including pistachio, stracciatella and dark chocolate sorbet, but it’s the unexpected Bobboi signatures that stand out, from Matchatella (Japanese matcha tea and chocolate shards) to Rosehoney (organic honey and Lebanese rosewater). In addition to its own signature flavors, Bobboi also works with local chefs to create chef-driven collaboration flavors that will be on the menu at its locations and often find their way onto the menus of its collaborators.

Behind the gelato flavors is Monica Maccioni, gelato chef. Monica works with her staff to create gelato that’s true to their native Italy, yet reflects what they love most about their new home of California: the bounty of seasonal ingredients!

Bobboi Natural Gelato Charcoal Vanilla

Favorite flavors

Mediterraneo is made out of real Piemonte Hazelnut, organic almonds, and pistachio della California from San Barbara. It’s a must-have signature blend you can only find in one of their shops.

Charcoal Vanilla is one of our unique creations. It’s a smooth and creamy vanilla gelato. Made with Tahiti vanilla infusion and organic charcoal powder in an organic milk base.

Pistacchio Della California (Dairy-Free) is the most popular Italian flavor made with organic pistachios from Santa Barbara. Mixed with their rice milk base. Sweet and salty taste. It’s vegan too!!

What's on Special

Rose Almond: Organic Californian almonds with Lebanese Rose water, in their organic milk base

Dragon Lemon:Organic red dragon fruit with organic Californian Meyer lemon


The History of Bobboi: A Note From Owner, Monica Maccioni)

“As any native Italian, my first approach with food was following my mom and my grandmother while they spent time in the kitchen…since my grandfather was both an entrepreneur and a farmer, we cooked only with seasonal and local ingredients.

Bobboi Gelato San Diego Dragon Lemon

My education path went through a totally different direction. I decided to study electrical engineering. My husband and I worked for a big company. Our secret dream was to make something by ourselves that would make people happy. One day he came home and he told me 'Do you want to quit your job and come with me to open a gelato place? Now or never!'

Executive Gelato Chef Monica Maccioni and Owner Andrea Racca

We attended courses in Bologna with Maestro Giampaolo Valli, a gelato guru, who taught us important gelato making techniques always putting in first place quality of ingredients and the tradition of an ancient job.

We came to California and found an amazing spot in La Jolla. In February 2014 we opened our first gelato shop on Girard Ave.

Since the very beginning we have always wanted to make a gelato that’s true to our native Italy yet reflects what we love most about our new home of California: the bounty of seasonal ingredients.”

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